Feb 2019
Seminar Announcement: "Fuzzy Sets and Their Extensions" by Prof. Cengiz Kahraman

"Fuzzy Sets and Their Extensions"
Speaker : Prof. Dr. Cengiz Kahraman
Date : 20 February 2019 (Wednesday)
Time : 12:45 - 13:30
Location : Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Room: 5304

Seminar Topic:

Ordinary fuzzy sets (OFS) have been introduced by Lotfi Zadeh in 1965. Later, the extensions of OFS such as type-2 fuzzy sets, intuitionistic fuzzy sets, hesitant fuzzy sets, Pythagorean fuzzy sets, and spherical fuzzy sets have been developed by various researchers. In this seminar, main definitions of ordinary fuzzy sets and their application areas are mentioned. Later, extensions of OFS are briefly introduced and some industrial engineering applications of these extensions are presented.

Short Biography:

Prof. Kahraman is a full professor of Industrial Engineering at Istanbul Technical University. His research areas are engineering economics, quality management, statistical decision making, multiple criteria decision making, and fuzzy decision making. He published about 240 journal papers and about 180 conference papers. He became the guest editors of many international journals and the editor of many international books from Springer and Atlantis Press. He is the member of editorial boards of 20 international journals. He was the vice dean of ITU Management Faculty between 2004 and 2007 and the head of ITU Industrial Engineering Department between 2010 and 2013.